Choosing the right sport for children is very important for the development of children, as long as it is a sport that they like and that fills them with satisfaction. It does not matter if it is a girl or a boy, what matters is that with the sport you do you feel good, comfortable and above all, that you feel that what you do you like. You have to let boys and girls start a sport, see their abilities and realize how their personal preferences develop.

There are many sports that children can participate in. Sports are ideal for the development of motor skills and to introduce them to the concept of exercise, sacrifice and satisfaction. Then there are also sports that can encourage children to keep doing as they get older.

It is important to bear in mind that sport is not free and that it is an expense. If you can afford it, taking into account the monthly payments, the sportswear, the equipment you need and the excursions, it is undoubtedly a good investment in physical and emotional health for your children. Even if children start at a young age, you will have to think about whether it is a sport to continue playing in the future or not. It is not necessary to choose the best known or most popular sport, you just have to choose the sport that your children like the most.


Judo is a sport to start from ages 4 to 6, when children can improve flexibility, movement, and overall fitness. At this age they learn basic movement skills before introducing sport-specific skills. These skills are introduced in a fun, positive way, largely based on games through which they learn the basic movements of judo.

Through interactive and competitive games, judo develops confidence, concentration, and the ability to handle pressure. This confidence and self-control improves later on when the sport moves into competition and self-defense mode.


Swimming is a life skill and a necessary one. It should not be viewed as introducing your child to swimming as a sport but rather as reintroducing your child to the water environment where he spent the first nine months of his life. Children grow up fearing water and are therefore almost unconsciously kept away from it.

Babies and young children (as with adults) work their muscles more in water, as it is less restricted by gravity. This improves muscle tone, as well as your ability to sit, stand, and walk. Water also helps improve coordination and balance in children.


Gymnastics can be introduced from the age of three or four. This sport offers all the dominant movement patterns required in other sports. In addition to promoting children’s physical well-being, it provides an understanding of how their bodies function and their spatial relationships within the world around them. Gymnastics is a good option for children who have low muscle tone or need to release excess energy.

Parents will notice an increase in their children’s concentration and self-confidence. Children learn time management, discipline, and determination skills as they learn to set goals and cope with failure.

Of course, there are many more sports, this is just one example of what should be taken into account for each sport in order to choose the right one for your children.